He Wore His Scout Shirt at Disneyland

by | Jul 2, 2014


The Olsen family at Philmont Scout Ranch

When I was pregnant with our second child (our first child was a girl), I went in for the ultrasound. The technician told me it was a boy. My first instinct was to cry. With tears streaming down my face, I turned to my husband and said, “Oh no! Now I am going to have to do Cub Scouts!”

Fast forward eight years. When my son turned 8 years old, we were in Disneyland on his birthday. We gave him his Cub Scout uniform for his birthday. He opened it up and was so excited! He wore his Scout uniform around Disneyland for three full days! He wore the hat, neckerchief, slide, and belt, too. He was so excited to teach people and talk to them about Scouting.

I was recently called as my son’s Webelos leader. I have loved it. I have loved the time I am with him. I feel we have a wonderful bond because I am involved in Scouting.

My son loves to play hockey, which lends itself to being around a diverse group of people. However, he has been a great example – often wearing his Scout shirt to practice. Now he has two of his hockey buddies interested in Scouting. They text him every week to see if he is going to Scouts and if they can come too! It has been so easy for him to be a great missionary as a Scout.

I am very grateful for the impact Scouting has had in my family.

-Amy Olsen, Vernal Utah Ashley Stake