Using the Varsity Section of the New LDS Youth Activities Website

by | Sep 23, 2014


Are you a Varsity Coach or team leader?  Did you know there is a section of the new LDS Youth Activities website just for you?

You can find the new Varsity Scout activity website at Once on the site, choose “Resources” (under Family), then “Youth,” then “Youth Activities” (under Youth Menu), and finally “Scouting,” or more specifically “Varsity Scouts.” You will find many exciting activity suggestions that advisers and youth leaders can choose from, to build an exciting program centered on Varsity Scout principles and organization.

The Varsity Scout program is based on leadership development. The Varsity Scout section of this website is formatted to assist youth leaders as they plan, develop, and calendar upcoming events.

Each series of activities is centered on a theme. There are fifteen themes currently on the website. The team leader’s council can choose a theme and determine how many weeks they would like to devote in preparation for a big event. Then, using the activity suggestions listed under the fields of emphasis for each theme, assignments can be made to various team members to lead and conduct an activity relating to the chosen theme. Each theme culminates in an adventure that focuses on skills and experiences gained from participation in the smaller preparation activities.

In addition to the suggestions listed under the fields of emphasis, there are many resources and suggestions available on the Internet to help young men develop fun and meaningful activities centered around the activity themes.

Try one of these activities or develop one of your own and share your experiences. That is how we strengthen Varsity Scouting and develop character and leadership capability in young men.


-Submitted by Ed Howell, member of the LDS-BSA Varsity Task Force