The Chance of A Scouting Lifetime

by | Jan 16, 2022

The Chance of A Scouting Lifetime

This kid from Idaho has seen his fair share of this wonderful world – from Mexico to Moscow, from Tokyo to Tanzania, and from Vienna to Vladivostok – and, yet, as I think of some of my all-time favorite places in all the world, I can’t get these descriptive words (and the accompanying tune) out of my mind:

Silver on the sage,
Starlit skies above,
Aspen covered hills,
Country that I love.

Philmont, here’s to thee,
Scouting Paradise,
Out in God’s country, tonight.

Wind in whispering pines,
Eagles soaring high,
Purple mountains rise,
Against an azure sky.

Philmont, here’s to thee,
Scouting Paradise,
Out in God’s country Tonight.

On July 2, 2022, the Vanguard Vision Conference will again commence – LIVE AT PHILMONT SCOUT RANCH just outside historic Cimarron, New Mexico below the majestic Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the Tooth of Time, located along the old Santa Fe Trail. We invite you to join us for a historic and very memorable week of Scout training, fun, fellowship, sharing Scouting best practices for Latter-day Saint Scouters, and experiencing the Spirit of Philmont.

Why historic? Because for the first time, there will be members of the Vanguard Board of Directors and National BSA leaders present with whom you can get acquainted and discuss your Scouting questions, in addition to our world-class faculty. You will be able to watch Gary and Laura Dollar create, whittle, and paint their classic bolos – AND, if you want, grab a block of wood and “whittle along with Gary.” We will have a combination PTC-Powder Horn experience so you can really experience the magic of Philmont activities on the trails, on the shooting ranges, at Rocky Mountain Scout Camp, Philmont’s COPE course, at an official Buffalo Barbeque and Western Night, at a Family Home Evening beneath one of Philmont’s majestic sunsets AND, in addition, have a chance to complete your Vanguard Religious Award and receive your award at a special Vision Court of Honor with other Latter-day Saint Scouters from throughout the country.

Haven’t started working on your Vanguard Religious Award yet? No worries. Immediately after you register as a participant for our Vanguard Vision Conference 2022, you will receive instructions as to what requirements and electives you will need to complete before coming to Philmont and what you will be able to complete as part of our fun and exciting curriculum.

In addition, Philmont Training Center has reinstated the Family Spouse and Youth programs, including the Mountain Man and Mountain Woman programs just for our conference – so don’t forget to bring your family for a week you’ll never forget.

For more information about the Vanguard Vision Conference 2022 and a link to register for the Conference, Click [HERE]. See you there!

– Charles W. Dahlquist, II, President, Vanguard International Scouting Assoc.