Still Scouting — Troop 1776 Central Utah

by | Dec 10, 2020

The year 2020 brought seismic changes to Scouting in Utah. Three large Boy Scout councils were combined into one new council, covering the entire state plus portions of Wyoming and Idaho. Many hundreds of Church ward troops and packs were disbanded and replaced by far fewer non-Church affiliated units. Ward sponsored units, re-chartered and funded by Church-encouraged Friends-of-Scouting efforts, with ecclesiastically called leaders had been the rule. However, new 2020 Scouting units had to learn an entirely new way to charter, fund, staff, and recruit. In these efforts the Key 3 of the new Crossroads of the West Council and our Timpanogos District were lifesavers!

From the beginning of 2020 Troop 1776 (“The Founding Fathers”) in central Utah emerged as a popular new boy-led, adventure and service-oriented unit. It is heavily invested in the Patrol-method of leadership with the Washington, Jefferson, and Madison patrols. The new and extremely supportive Charter Organization, Brio Energy, provides generous financial, logistical, and facility support. The adult leadership draws heavily from former Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints seasoned Young Men scouters.

COVID shook up the troop, e.g., virtual gatherings and games (a virtual Cooking Merit Badge is a challenge!), masks, and serious social distancing during Courts of Honor. It also means more, smaller patrol-led activities and greater leadership opportunities for the boys. The PLC, Patrol Leaders Council, is truly boy led. Activities have included wilderness hiking and fishing, rock climbing, rifle shooting, summer camp with aquatic activities, river rafting, and monthly campouts (some virtual), including Klondike! As always, safety comes first, followed by fun. For more information contact our Wood Badge-trained Scoutmasters Hal Henderson at or Tareq Butler at