Scouting Moms and Scouting Spouses: Time to Share!

by | Jan 21, 2016

“There is value in having women’s voices influence Scouting. It is often the mothers who make Scouting happen and help their sons through the process,” (“A Conversation with Sister Rosemary Wixom,” May 22, 2014).

photo-300x184I was with Sister Wixom in 2014 when she made this statement. And I believe it. Women influence Scouting. Just as the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, the mother who raises the Cub Scout influences a community. The mom who helps her son along the Eagle trail changes society, and the wife who supports her busy Scoutmaster husband builds a nation. Scouting moms and spouses—you are the backbone of the BSA!

During 2016, we welcome you to a new stream of posts for the LDS-BSA Blog—Scouting Moms and The Scouting Spouse.

Moms, we know you’re out there. You are the mothers who spend hours helping your son pass off Cub Scout requirements in the kitchen. You are the moms who help at a pack meeting while balancing a baby on your hip. You are the busy parents who handle the troop advancement in the evening hours, filling out forms and running to the Scout Shop for last minute badges. You are the Primary presidents who willingly attend “one more meeting” to learn about Cub Scout safety. You are the mothers who serve on the troop committee, arranging rides to the next campout and filling out tour and activity plans. And you are the ever-present moms who encourage your son through those last few often-grueling steps of his Eagle Project—glad to see him succeeding, but sighing with relief when the final “i” is dotted and “t” is crossed on his application.

In addition, you are the committed Scouting spouse who waves goodbye to your husband as he heads out the door to roundtable. You are the mother who spends your weekend at home while your husband is camping with the troop. You are the patient wife who willingly switches an anniversary dinner to support a council banquet. And you are the hesitant spouse who gives up a week of vacation to take your family to Philmont.

Yes, Scouting moms and Scouting spouses, you are the dedicated women who understand the urgency and importance of teaching young men to be physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight. Scouting could not thrive without you.

The Scouting Moms and Scouting Spouses posts are a place for you to learn and give support. Watch for upcoming topics you can respond to on the LDS-BSA Relationships Facebook page. Or, when you have an idea to share—or just a sweet story from your latest pack meeting—send an email to, and we’ll publish your thoughts in a future post.

Here are some opening comments from Scouting moms and spouses:


What is the best way to be a supportive Scouting spouse?  Step up to the bar, because Scouting is worth it! If it means that I’m the lone parent on duty with the little children so that my older boys get good quality Scouting experiences, then I’ll do it. Scouting shapes amazing men.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
~Amy L., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I support Scouting because of an experience I had as a youth. I was serving on camp staff and during training week we participated in a flag retirement. I gained a great respect and reverence for our country, our flag, and the values of Scouting. During that few minutes around the campfire, I gained a commitment to Scouting and the values I hold dear. I was glad to meet and marry a young man who loved Scouting too!


~Rebecca P., Tucson, Arizona
 What is the best way to support your husband and son in Scouting? Just go and do it! If there is a meeting for your spouse, let him go without complaint. If there’s a committee meeting, go and contribute your ideas. If there’s a pack meeting, go and give your big round of applause.
~Tina B., Port Orchard, Washington


Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “The real religion of the world comes from women much more than from men — from mothers most of all, who carry the key of our souls in their bosoms” (“The Professor at the Breakfast Table,” The Atlantic Monthly May 1859, 618).


See you on our next post.  And, as always, thank you!


~Nettie H. Francis is the wife of LDS-BSA Relationships Director Mark Francis. She has been a dedicated Scouting mom and Scouting spouse for almost 20 years.