News From the Field: Troop 149 Epic Summer Camp

by | Sep 9, 2021

This summer, Troop 149 of the Mountain West Council enjoyed what Scoutmaster Matthew Garnette called an “epic Scout camp” at Camp Morrison.

The troop earned several awards while having an incredible time. They earned the “Bull of the Woods” – given to the top Scout troop for the week.

They added to this with the “Woodsman Award” for excellent troops and the “Spirit Stick for the Week” recognizing the troop with the most Scouting spirit!

Highlights of the week included a Polar Bear Swim for the group:

19 young men attended this summer camp. Morrison staff commented about how well the boys treated each other and other troops, how skilled they were, and how well they interacted with the camp staff.

Clearly, we are incredibly proud of these young men! To top it off, they managed to drink 103 cartons of chocolate milk at one meal – breaking the previous camp record.

Way to go Troop 149! 

 [Submitted by Dave Shields]