News From the Field: 4 Generations of Eagles

by | Nov 14, 2021

News From the Field:
4 Generations of Eagles

Troop 702 in the San Diego Imperial Council recently awarded the rank of Eagle Scout to Zach Bishop.

What made the evening even more interesting was the fact that Zach was another in a long line of Eagle Scouts in his family. Here is a picture of just 3 of those generations – Zach, his father, and grandparents.

The Scouting tradition extends to a 4th generation in Zach’s family. As part of the Eagle Court of Honor, Zach’s family had a display of merit badge sashes extending all the way back to Zach’s great-grandfather Mohonri Bishop from 1935!

Congratulations to another outstanding Eagle Scout and his family!

– Neal Robison

Neal Robison

Neal Robison