Mormon Battalion Association™ News Release

by | Aug 29, 2018

The Mormon Battalion Association™, in celebration of its July Anniversary, presents the new Mormon Battalion Historic Trails Awards Program.

Anyone interested in the history of the Mormon Battalion – male, female, friends, families, large family organizations, youth trek groups, regional Scout encampments, and historical reeanactors anywhere in the world – can earn Mormon Battalion Historic Trails Awards. Just go to our website, complete and submit the Application Form with the required reports, and we will contact you to arrange payment for the awards you have earned.

Main Awards – You can earn three versions of the core Main Award:

  • Brown-edged patches for all Scouts and Scouters
  • Green-edged patches for anyone interested in completing the requirements
  • Bronze pins and pendants for groups of 50 or more participants


The Mormon Battalion Historic Trails patches are extremely unique. The patches have 18 thread colors, with a special three-dimensional layout. Ed Fraughton’s “Mormon Battalion Soldier™” is in the foreground with Warner Pass, California, in the background. The pale blue desert sky is “ghost stitched” and then overlaid with thin blue state lines and seven Mormon Battalion routes in bold colors.

Trail Segment Awards – in conjunction with the Main Awards, you can earn color-coded supplemental 3/4″ high x 5″ wide patches by completing eight “field” related activities on a 15-mile section of one of the original seven Battalion routes. Each is made of “Scout” twill cloth with colored edging and name stitching to match trail segment lines on the main patch.

Dark Green = Iowa Mormon Trail (February-July 1846)
Red = Main Command (July 1846-July 1847)
Purple = Higgins Family Detachment (16 September-6 October 1846)
Brown = Brown Sick Detachment (18 October-17 November 1846)
Mint Green = Willis Sick Detachment (10 November 1846-mid-January 1847)
Blue = General Kearny Escort (13 May-22 August 1847)
Gold = Pueblo to Salt Lake (May-August 1847)
Super Segment Award – Every time you earn a Trail Segment Award for a different 15-mile section of the same Trail Segment, you qualify for a new copy of that Trail Segment Award patch and/or a boot-shaped bronze fixture you can pin to your current patch.
Fifty Mile Hike Award – After you earn the Main Patch and at least one Trail Segment Award, you can earn the ultimate special gold patch by hiking a continuous 50-mile section of a trail segment.


Mark Stewart’s Mormon Battalion End of Trail Drawing

Please visit the Mormon Battalion Association™  website for more details: