Eagle Court of Honor Includes Vanguard Religious Awards

by | Jan 14, 2021

It was very cold (32 degree) afternoon on December 13, 2020, as many families and Scouts assembled in the driveway of Committee Chairman Etthi Marines of Troop 1221.

Several cars were parked along a quiet neighborhood street in Orem, Utah. Scouts and their families huddled in their cars to stay warm and physically distanced because of Covid-19. Something exciting was about to happen in this yard that was lined with the stars and stripes. The garage door was adorned with the emblems of Scouting leading along the pathway to the rank of Eagle.  American flags and giant red, white and blue boxes each boasted one of the points of the Scout Law.  A large table was covered with awards.  An Eagle Scout Court of Honor for nine diligent scouts was about to take place.  A pin set, a flag that had been neatly folded and boxed after flying over the Capitol building, an Eagle Scout bolo tie to replace their troop neckerchief, and a large envelope awaited each of the nine young men who had accomplished the requirements of Scouting’s highest individual award—the rank of Eagle Scout.

After the presentation of the colors, the pledge of allegiance and the recital of the Scout Oath and Law, the Scouts went to their vehicles and waited their turn as each young man was separately presented these hard-earned awards.  Scoutmaster Jeané Aulava presented the Eagle Award and then led each young man in an Eagle Scout Oath and a Charge with their Scout leaders and family gathered around.

Eagle recipients were:

K.J. Taua’a’alo                         Derek Alcorta                          Micah Seufale-5 palms

Malachi Aulava-9 palms         Tanginoa Teaupa                    Paula Pahulu

Drason Havea (now serving    Tonga Jr. Teaupa                     Laumeesi Pahulu

a full-time mission)

Each candidate was awarded his Eagle Scout pin and palms by his mother and the Eagle Scout bolo tie by the troop.  Tonga, Laumeesi, Tanginoa, Micah, Malachi, Paula, and Derek were also awarded the new Vanguard Religious Award for Latter-day Saint Scouts which they had earned—some of the first to be awarded in the state of Utah.  Families and leaders huddled quickly for pictures of these remarkable achievements.

Before ending this impressive Court of Honor, each of the leaders—A.J. Pope (Chartered Organization Representative), Etthi Marines, and Jeané Aulava—also received the Adult Vanguard Religious Award.  They stated that they needed to be the example for their youth and earned this award with them.  Though our fingers and feet were chilled, the warmth in our hearts was fueled by the dedication of these leaders, families and young men who have learned so many valuable lessons as they worked as a team to achieve the Eagle Scout and Vanguard Religious Awards.  Congratulations to Troop 1221 of Orem, Utah!! We are honored to know you. You are an inspiration to all.  Aloha and Mahalo!

–By Gary and Laura Dollar