Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Helping Communities Thrive through Entrepreneurship

Are you looking for a place where you can make a difference?

A company where you can make an impact, not only in the business world, but in the larger community?

We are ebs/Growth, a startup based in Pittsburgh, Pa. Our mission is to help communities thrive thru entrepreneurship. Our clients are mostly high-growth technology firms that are focused on getting their product ready and out to market but are a little unsure of exactly how to do that. That?s where we come in: Our expertise lies in helping companies achieve predictable, year-over-year growth through sales development, talent acquisition, and scaling.

What should you expect?

In addition to working with state-of-the-art technology, our growth culture and focus on constant learning and continuous improvement will enable you to more quickly develop into the person you want to become.

If you?re just looking to learn, we?re not for you. If you?re not excited by a challenge, we?re not for you. If you aren?t willing to demonstrate a life of grit and constant improvement, we?re not for you.

To help us become the best at what we do, you?ll need to do what others are unable, or unwilling, to do. Together, we?ll need to outwork, out innovate, learn faster, perform better, and continuously improve?we?ll never be as good as we can be; tomorrow we have to do even better!

If this sounds interesting, and if you are up to the challenge and seeking a real opportunity, let?s talk.

Our Mission

Helping communities thrive through entrepreneurship


fanatical individual execution within a collaborative environment



persistent forward-thinking and calculated risk-taking



We keep our commitments, no matter how small and own the results ? no excuses

We are obsessed with growth:
skills, minds, businesses, and communities.

Our Culture

1. An environment that feels safe,

fueled first at the top by leaders willing to model vulnerability and take personal responsibility for their shortcomings and missteps.


2. A focus on continuous learning

through inquiry, curiosity, and transparency not judgment, certainty, and self-protection.

3. Time-limited, manageable experiments

with new behaviors in order to test our subconscious assumptions. Failing only happens when you give up and quit.


4. Continuous feedback

?up, down, and across the organization?grounded in a shared commitment to helping each other grow and get better.