Be Involved and Engaged! – A Message from Sister Service

by | Oct 7, 2018

Queen Creek Stake Primary Presidency at a Stake Camporee: Yvette Rasmussen, Roseanne Service, Stacie Cliff, and Michelle Solomon.

Hi! My name is Roseanne Service. Yes, I’m literally “Sister Service!” I live in the Arizona Queen Creek Stake; the BSA Grand Canyon Council Agave District.

A few years ago I was serving as the Primary president in my ward. At first I wasn’t exactly sure what my eleven-year-old son was supposed to be doing in Scouting! I vaguely remembered being told something about parents “not being as involved in Boy Scouts” as they were in Cub Scouts. At first, I thought that meant be “uninvolved.” However, I soon discovered that there were still LOADS of ways I could be involved in my son’s Scouting adventure!

Here are a few examples of ways I became involved in our Boy Scout troop:
-I took my son to merit badge clinics
-I received training and became a merit badge counselor
-I helped teach at merit badge clinics
-I began to support our Scout troop and would even call to ask the Scoutmaster if he had any specific needs I could help with.
-I served on our ward troop committee

Because of my determination to learn more about the Scouting program, I now teach a Roundtable class for Primary presidencies each month. Serving in Scouting also opened the door for me to do public speaking. And, I manage two national Facebook support pages for LDS Eleven-Year-Old leaders and LDS Scouting Leaders. It’s fun!

The experiences I had through “becoming involved” were very helpful when I was eventually called to be the stake Primary president. Later, I served again in a brand new stake as the 1st counselor in the stake Primary.

My determination to “be involved and engaged” was not only a help to me in my callings, but was also a tremendous blessing to my three sons as well.

Looking back, I don’t believe we should leave it to others to understand and manage a program that our own son is involved in. Instead, we as mothers can do SO MUCH to understand, be involved in, lift ,and support the Scouting program.

~Roseanne Service is currently an Assistant District Commissioner in the Grand Canyon Council. She has been to Wood Badge and helps teach Trainer’s Edge and Baden Powell University classes.